Cool Daddy tells the musical story of a man desperately trying to be a good father after a lifetime spent trying to be a great star.

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Cool Daddy premiered on CBC documentary Channel on March 10, 2019 @ 9pm ET.

Upcoming broadcasts:

  • Thursday, December 12 at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm ET
  • Saturday December 14 at 6am, 11am and 4pm ET
  • Thursday December 19 at 7am ET


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About Cool Daddy

Maybe your dad was cool. Or maybe you are a “cool dad.” The phrase “cool dad” has gained a kind of currency in recent years to describe fathers that haven’t let parenthood stand in the way of being cool. But what if your dad was too cool? Legendary Canadian jazz crooner Kenny Colman is one such father, and perhaps the ultimate cool dad. Kenny has a forty-year old son Chase, a successful realtor, who has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a singer. Kenny thinks his son is crazy to try his hand at show business, especially at mid-life. But Kenny feels torn because he wants to help his son any way he can.

The documentary COOL DADDY tells the musical story of a man desperately trying to be a good father after a lifetime spent trying to be a great star.

Cool Daddy was Produced by

with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund and in association with Documentary Channel

Production Team

Meet the Creators of Cool Daddy


Director, Writer, Producer

Roger Evan Larry is a director, writer, and producer of film, TV, new media who also makes visual art.

His most recent feature film is the documentary Citizen Marc. A feature about the Canadian marijuana activist, Marc Emery, who served five years in a U.S. penitentiary, Citizen Marc had its premier at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2013. It was acquired by Capitol Motion Picture Group and played in theatres in 13 cities across Canada in 2014, making it the widest domestic release for a Canadian documentary that year. The Georgia Straight called it "Excellent"; the Montreal Gazette called it, "Highly entertaining … witty and deftly directed"; and the Globe and Mail called it "Vexingly fascinating.” Roger designed an accompanying online environment called The Disagreement Machine; here fans of the film can reedit portions of the film Citizen Marc to author new political narratives by drawing on non-linear video and sound elements in an engaging and innovative experience.

Cool Daddy, his latest project is a feature documentary that tells the musical story of a man desperately trying to be a good father after a lifetime spent trying to be a great star. Roger Evan Larry is directing Cool Daddy, as well as co-writing with Sandra Tomc and producing with Paul Armstrong.

Other recent activities include Roger’s work as creative producer on superstar contemporary artist Mark Lewis’ first feature film INVENTION, which premiered to great acclaim at The Toronto International Film Festival in 2015. The film made it’s continental European debut at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2016.

Roger’s debut as feature director, Crossing, was a thriller about a cross-dressing gangster that played in Canadian theatres in 2007 and was nominated for 6 Leo Awards, including Best Picture and Best Directing. It sold in over twenty countries.

Until 2011, Roger also worked extensively in commercial television. He was nominated for a number of Geminis, most recently in 2011 for his work as show-runner/series producer on the inaugural season of the scripted documentary series X-Weighted Families, which consists of 13 one-hour episodes. It sold in sixty countries and ran for three seasons.

Roger was selected to be on the International Jury for DOXA, 2015, an international documentary festival in Vancouver. He has a number of feature films in various stages of development including a comedy The Dadolescents and the period drama Unity 1918, based on the Governor General Award-winning play by Kevin Kerr.

As a visual artist, three film installations co-authored with Mark Lewis screened in 2013 at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).



Paul Armstrong is an award-winning Vancouver film, television and theatre producer with almost 50 film producing credits including both feature and short form.

Recent feature film credits include ‘Lawrence & Holloman’ based on the play by Morris Panych, written by Daniel Arnold & Matthew Kowalchuk, and directed by Kowalchuk; ‘Moving Malcolm’ by Benjamin Ratner starring Elizabeth Berkley (‘Showgirls’); the Genie Award nominated ‘See Grace Fly’ by Pete McCormack (‘Facing Ali’) and ‘Ill-Fated’ by Mark A Lewis which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and in the US at Slamdance. He is currently in post-production on the documentary ‘Revolution, The Legacy of the Sixties’ and on the documentary ‘Cool Daddy’ with the CBC Documentary Channel directed by Roger Larry featuring Kenny Colman and Chase Colman.

In the past 2 years Paul has executive produced 9 short documentaries filmed in China for the Looking China program.

Short film credits include the record breaking 13 Leo Award winning ‘Anxious Oswald Greene’ by Marshall Axani, ‘The Money Pet’ featuring Alan Cumming (‘The Good Wife’), ‘Monster’ & ‘Everything’s Coming up Rosie’ starring Jodelle Ferland (‘Twilight’) &Ian Tracey, ‘The Bar’ starring Peter Deluise (’21 Jump Street’), ‘Break a Leg, Rosie’ starring Carly Pope (‘Popular’) & Ian Tracey, and ‘Mon amour mon parapluie’ with cameos by William Gibson & Douglas Coupland, and 24 Crazy8s short films. His most recent is ‘Send Us Smokes’.

He is the Executive Director of Crazy8s, Vancouver biggest short film competition, now in its 17th year. Paul is also the founder, programmer and producer of The Celluloid Social Club, a monthly screening of short films running since 1997. Through the Celluloid Social Club he operates the Hot Shot Shorts Contest.

Paul has also produced a TV episode for Red Bull, produced TV commercials with Adplay Media for WirelessWave, web videos for Nintendo, Electronic Arts and Molson Canada and the talk show ‘Daytime’ with Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford. He has also produced music videos for Bif Naked, Jim Byrnes, Jessie Farrell and Jeff Martin of the Tea Party and produced 20 plays, from Shakespeare to Ibsen to Mamet.

Meet the Crew of Cool Daddy



Sandra Tomc is a writer/filmmaker, and a professor of English at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Tomc has been nominated and won numerous awards for her screenplays including I Can’t Resist You (winner of the Praxis Screenwriter’s Award), Tested (Nominated for a Gemini for Best Writing), and Crossing (Nominated for a Leo Award for Best Screenplay, and the Best Feature Film). She has also won numerous development grants for her screenplays. Sandra has also been published in Representations, American Quarterly, and The Cambridge Companion to Edgar Allen Poe. She has published an academic monograph entitled Industry and the Creative Mind.


Executive Producer

For eight years Earl Hong Tai was the western director of Telefilm Canada. An experienced account and media executive, Earl also possesses a background in corporate finance. He has since branched out, using his high level expertise to become a leading Entertainment Business consultant and new media producer, offering advisory services to entertainment and new media enterprises.


Executive Producer

Chris Philips is an executive producer and owner and President of Transnational Providers Inc. He first got into the documentary world through a global education project which was made into a television film GUATEMALA JOURNEL “Guatemala Journal” in association with Force Four Productions in which he brought high school students from a large suburban school to the jungle setting of Casa Guatemala Orphanage (orphans of the Guatemalan civil war) to build a sustainable food source for the school and the indigenous community.

Other past projects include writing and producing A MEMORY AND A VISION, an Historical Participatory Film In Memory of WW11 Soldiers Lost in World War 2 financed by the Royal Canadian Legion and training short film THE HIGH SCHOOL, The Community and the Mentally Challenged. He has executive several short films for the Hot Shot Shorts Film Contest including SEND US SMOKES directed by Michelle Kee written by Anaisa Visser and COUNTER ACT directed by the Affolter Brothers. Chris is currently in development on THEY CALLED ME NUMBER ONE, a first person account of an Aboriginal girl's experience in a BC residential school and in post production on the CBC Documentary Channel documentary directed by Roger Larry featuring Kenny Colman and Chase Colman.


Assistant Producer

After moving to Vancouver to pursue his passion for filmmaking, Michael was involved in various film projects while earning his Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of British Columbia. Michael draws upon both his academic and film set experience in his role as an assistant producer with Relevision.


Associate Producer

Ariadna “Ari” Martinez is a born and bred Argentinian, lover of film, TV, videogames and theme parks, who settled into beautiful Vancouver, Canada in 2014 and is currently working in amazing Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ari worked in the film industry in Argentina for about five years, mostly in features, editing, producing and as an AD. She moved to Canada to further her career as a screenwriter while continuing on her freelance work on set. Some notable projects include film editing Canadian feature Charon’s Toll, directed by Ned Vankevich and starring Mackenzie Gray, as well as working in the production of Cool Daddy, a documentary film starring Canadian singer Kenny Colman, directed by Roger Larry. She also co-wrote award-winning pilot and second episode of Disharmony, directed by David Strasser and Brayden DeMorest-Purdy.

With some undisclosed writing projects being worked on in L.A., Ari had life drop her into the video games industry as a writer narrative designer at Capcom Vancouver, the studio behind the Dead Rising franchise. She also delved briefly into writing mobile games at East Side Games on their It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia IP, and is now currently working as a writer at Guerrilla Games, the studio that brought us Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn.


Director of Photography

Barry Stone brings thirty years of experience in the film business to the table when it comes to the productions he currently enjoys taking on. Twenty two features as a director of photography, most of them with a limited budget, have taught him how to make sure the financial resources end up on the screen, how to make best use of the time available and how to manage both small and large crews. Barry's directing experience encompasses four episodes of the British hit series rENFORD rEJECTS, filmed in London for Nickelodeon and Channel Four, "All Ways Welcome"*, which he produced and directed for the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation and numerous commercials, music videos and corporate films. Recently Barry directed, shot and edited SNIFF, a feature length drama / documentary hybrid with Amanda Plummer, Neil Morrissey (and a lot of great dogs). He is also the co-creator and co-producer of the Bay Area's own PlayGround Film Festival now in its third year of production. Barry has received a Gemini nomination for writing, two Genie nominations and three C.S.C. awards for cinematography, as well a Casbee award for a music video.


Director of Photography

With twenty years in the film and television industry, Sarah has dedicated herself to the craft of cinematography. Commercial, narrative, documentary, and factual Sarah has lit and filmed every genre. Her work has reached TIFF, Hotdocs, WFF and many other festivals internationally. Sarah’s broadcast work as aired on CBC, Bravo, APTN, Discovery, History, Animal Planet, as well as branded commercial air time, and online viral success reaching over 40 million views. Sarah is a Northern Explorer of Light for Canon Canada and speaks on technology nationally. She also writes technical columns for Canadian Cinematographer and other publications, while creating her own content at Education is something Sarah also produces, designing workshops for Raindance Canada, WIFT, Profusion, and others. Utilizing her CAN/UK dual citizenship Sarah travels internationally with her work.



Terezia Pan has always had a passion for flm editing, storytelling, and animation. This led her to earn Master's Degree in Filmmaking and that began now a 10-year career working on 4 feature documentaries, several animated and documentary TV series, live action short flms and music videos. The most recent project is Cool Daddy feature-length documentary by director Roger Larry and Scout and the Gumboot Kids stop-motion animated TV series for Imagine Create Media. Other successful titles are Theory Of Happiness feature documentary – Hot Docs 2014, Felvidek The Land Behind – Monterrey Film Festival 2014, The Gypsy Vote feature documentary – IDFF Jihlava 2012. Terezia enjoys well-structured storytelling that passes on emotional and artistic message but also the playfulness of animation.


Post Production Supervisor

Jeffery Lando is a writer director producer and cinematographer best known for Thirst (2010), and House of Bones (2012). His latest movie, his 13th, Suspension, just won Best Director at Montreal Horror Fest, and has been picked up for theatrical distribution in the US by 20th Century Fox. It had its world premiere in Fantasporto, one of the world’s foremost genre festivals and is now touring film festivals worldwide. His first feature film as a director, Savage Island (2004) won best feature awards at The Strasbourg Film Festival, Fright-Fest and ShockerFest. Since then Lando has directed a further 13 films, produced six, written four and executive produced six. He has also supervised post-production; color corrected and created the special effects on most of his own films. Almost all these films have sold around the world and played across North America on Television.